Who won the photo shoot with the ‘Lost’ cast?

In the final days of production, the “Lost” cast was in the final stages of preparing to shoot their final images.

During the shoot, the cast and crew had to put on their final masks and make their final adjustments before they would be allowed to leave the set.

The cast was wearing all black and the crew were wearing all white.

It was an intense time of preparation and for the final shots, the crew was forced to use all their skills in order to be able to pull off the look of a film.

“We were all on the set for a total of about an hour and a half and we had to make a little mask and we would get in our masks and we were like, ‘We are all here for this moment, so we can do this moment.’

So we went through every single step, we were able to put our masks on and we did it,” said “Lost’s” Andrew Dabb.

As a result of all the mask-wearing, there were no real “lost” moments, Dabb said.

“We’re just kind of going through it and putting on our masks.

So we did a very dark, black and white take, but it was a lot of fun and we ended up with this really good final image.”

But it was only the first day of the shoot.

A few days later, the production would be cancelled and the images were never released.

The production crew was still trying to decide what to do with the images, but Dabb had some ideas.

“They [the cast] would have done an image of the cast, or they would have said, ‘Let’s do a photo of the crew and then we’ll put it on the show,'” Dabb told ABC News.

“So that would have been the idea.

We didn’t want to do it.”

Dabb said they ended up doing something similar in the show “The Librarians,” a movie about a woman and her son who travel through time.

“And they just shot the final shot of the movie and then they put it online and everybody saw it and it was the same.

That was a good example of it,” Dabb recalled.

“You know, we didn’t do it to be an advertisement, but we did the exact same thing and it’s what we’re trying to do here.”ABC News’ Dan Seifer contributed to this report.