New drone photos: Here’s how to take photos of birds with your smartphone

A new drone photo technique has been developed to take some of the best bird photos ever taken in the skies over the Middle East and Africa, according to a new video.

The drone photos are the first of their kind in the world, and offer a rare glimpse into bird life in an environment that is often ignored by most people. 

“We’re really excited about this because it allows us to capture the natural beauty of birdlife and give people the opportunity to see it in their own backyard,” said Khaled al-Mashabawi, the director of photography at the Syrian National Center for Photography and Media.

“We want to encourage people to see nature in a whole new way.”

The project was created by a team of Syrian researchers and photographers, including Mashabawi and Mohammed al-Hajjaj, a Syrian photographer who lives in Qatar.

The researchers are using a new drone called the MQ-9000 drone, which allows for a greater depth of field than previous drones and allows for a higher degree of control.

“This drone is really amazing,” Mashabaw said.

“I don’t think it’s possible to take a photo of birds in this way without the MQ.

We were able to use the M9000 to take amazing photos of bird species, and now we can do the same with drones.”

The team created their drone photos using the M5 and M8 drones, which both weigh less than one pound and are designed to fly in the dark.

“We used a large camera on a camera tripod to take the images,” Mashaba said.

They also used the M8 to capture photos of different birds in different parts of the region, and then took some of those shots on the M6.

The results are stunning.

“Bird life is so vibrant,” Mashaw said of the images he and his colleagues captured.

“It’s a very diverse landscape, and birds have a really big role in that.” 

“They’re not just birds; they’re also insects, frogs, and reptiles.

We also took some bird photos in the desert, but they weren’t as spectacular.”

The MQ is one of a number of new drones that have been developed for the Syrian Civil War, and Mashabaws team hopes to see them deployed to more war-torn regions in the future. 

The Syrian Civil war has left millions of people homeless, and is considered a war crime. 

In March, the US military announced plans to purchase 10 drones to help combat the war in Syria. 

For now, the Syrian team is focusing on Syria and Lebanon, though they are working on plans for other parts of Syria.