Kirlian Photography founder, founder of Kirlians, dies at 93

Kirlia, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was a patron saint of fashion and art.

The artist who inspired her and her namesake Kirliana, a popular fashion designer, had been known for her lavish weddings, extravagant parties and her signature hand painted portraits.

Her image has become synonymous with elegance, luxury and glamour.

Her life story and the stories behind her work have been documented in dozens of books, including The Life of Kirtan, published by the Oxford University Press in 2002.

The artist Kirlie, who died at 93, had a remarkable life that spans nearly three decades, starting as a model in her teens.

She worked in advertising, and later in advertising as a freelance model.

“Her life was about to change forever.

She wanted to be known as a woman of elegance and style, the goddess of fashion,” said Anne Wurster, a fashion historian at the New York-based University of Georgia.

When Kirli first came to the United States from Greece, her family was told that she was born a slave and that she would die in slavery.

But her mother died before she could be born.

Her mother died in the womb, and her father died when Kirliah was five years old.

In the 1950s, Kirlias mother was taken from her family and sold to the slave plantation owner in the US, who then married her.

She was sold to a slave plantation in Georgia and became Kirlios mother.

Kirlia’s life changed dramatically when she met her husband.

It was not until her son was six years old that she married him, and when they had two children, Kiana and her brother, Kirtian, she became Kiddy, the name she chose for her husband and her daughter.

Her daughter, Kiddy II, was adopted by a Christian couple in California and later adopted by Kirliatians brother.

After Kirliyah married her second husband, the family moved to New York City.

At first, she was so busy working that she missed her children and her family.

But she eventually had time to focus on her career and her career as a fashion designer.

She continued to model for other brands after her husband, and the couple was also famous for their weddings.

She began a successful career as an actress and became known for starring in movies, including In the Heat of the Night, The Nutcracker and The Mamas and the Papas.

But her husband died when she was 18 and she was forced to sell her clothes to the factory where she worked.

She continued to live in the United Kingdom, but her family returned to Greece to help support her daughter and her husband in the aftermath of her husband’s death.

On her birthday, Kairian had to wear a dress to her wedding, and Kirlica was asked by her husband to do the same.

Years later, she decided to do something different with her life.

As a fashion photographer, she traveled around Europe and the Middle East photographing people and things that were beautiful.

Although Kirlies art and fashion were well known and admired, she also was known for being a fashion blogger and for creating the website Kirliannemedia.com.

For decades, Kishia’s work inspired many young people in Greece and around the world.

An estimated 5 million of her paintings and sculptures were sold in 2013, with about 2 million sold worldwide.

Over the years, Kivina Kirliyas art has been exhibited at more than 100 galleries worldwide.