How to Use Facebook’s News Feed Photo Gallery with a Custom Photo Editor

By now you’ve probably seen the “photo gallery” feature of Facebook’s new Photos app.

This is a gallery where you can upload your photos and then select a photo editor that will automatically select a specific photo from the gallery.

The photo editor will then take the photo and save it to your photo album.

This feature is meant to be useful for people who need to upload large collections of photos to Facebook and have an easier way to share those photos with friends.

It’s also great for photo enthusiasts, because it’s an easy way to quickly add photos to your Facebook albums and then share those albums with other people.

It works great for sharing photos with family and friends, but if you’re sharing photos to a wider audience, you may want to opt for the photo gallery option.

If you’re just looking to use Facebook’s photo gallery feature, you can do so with a custom photo editor.

This article will show you how to do just that.

Facebook Photos allows you to create a photo gallery, upload photos, and then upload a photo that you want to be added to a specific gallery.

To use this feature, select the Photos app in the Facebook app menu.

Click the Photos button in the top right of the app menu and select the Photo Gallery tab.

In the Photos Gallery tab, select “Add Photos.”

This will open the Photos gallery interface, which allows you, as a Facebook user, to upload and share photos to the photo galleries that you have created.

To select which photos you want included in the photo list, you’ll need to click the “Add photo” button on the right side of the interface.

You’ll then need to enter your photo’s photo URL in the form you enter.

You can use this photo URL to add your photos to one of the photos in the gallery or add them to your own photo album if you want.

To make sure you have the correct photo available in the photos list, click the Add photo button on your photos list.

The gallery will open, and you’ll see the selected photos available in your photos app.

When you click “Add Photo,” you’ll be presented with a list of the available photos, including the photo URL and the photo that’s currently selected.

You may want a specific picture to be included in your photo gallery if you need to include it in the other photos in your gallery.

If your photo is selected and the “add photo” process fails, you need just to click “OK” on the screen that will appear.

Once you’ve selected your photo, you’re ready to upload it to the photos app, which will automatically create the photo.

To add your photo to the gallery, you just need to add it to one or more photos in a photo album you have available.

To do this, select your photo in the Photos menu.

On the Photos tab, you should see a list showing the photos you have in your Photos app that are currently displayed in the Photo Library.

Select the photo you want in the list, and the Photos will open and display the photo in its original format.

If the photo is already in your Facebook photo library, the photo will appear in the Album tab, as well.

To delete a photo from your Photos library, select it in Photos, then click “Delete photo.”

The photo will be removed from your photos library and your photo will disappear from your Facebook photos library.

Once the photo has been deleted, the photos will be restored from your photo library.

You don’t need to do anything to make the photo appear in your “Photo Gallery” interface.

After the photo goes into the photo library and is removed, it will automatically appear in any photo library you have added photos to.

If a photo you upload doesn’t have a photo library associated with it, it won’t appear in Photos.

If this happens, just delete the photo from all of your photos in Photos and then try again.

When a photo is added to your photos, you will also be able to add photos from the Photos library that were already added to the Photos photo gallery.

These photos can then be added into the photos gallery.

You won’t be able add new photos in to your Photos photo library until you do this.

To see the photos from your library in Photos if you don’t have any, just click on “Photos.”

When you’re in Photos you’ll get a list with the photos that were previously uploaded to the Facebook Photos library.

This list will show the photos available for viewing in the new Photos photo editor interface.

This interface lets you upload and save photos, edit photos, or edit and save your photos as you wish.

To create a new photo, click on the “Create photo” link at the bottom of the photo editor menu.

In Photos, select an image and then click on Create photo.

In Facebook Photos, click “Create image.”

This creates a new picture.

In photos, select any photos you’d like to